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Special Program

Get Fit Fast

These classes are designed to be individualized and progressive to reach various goals over a set period of time. Take a look at the various classes offered!

2023 Mega Meltdown Session 2
T/TH/F 5:30pm - 6:30pm
(week of Sept 25th is designated for a makeup week incase of any cancellations)
Path 1: $280.00 / Path 2: $320.00

Email to get on waiting list for next session

Sports girl who wants to start the year 2023. Concept of new professional achievements in

Good for ALL fitness levels!

Take the first step into a healthy lifestyle.

  • This 7 week class is for all individuals looking to shed some inches and lose some pounds. It will include workouts consisting of strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio and core. Each of the 3 days will have a different formulation of how the workout will be designed. We will utilize a wide range of equipment and training techniques to maximize results. There will be an initial assessment to get baseline data and as the program progresses there will be weekly weigh-ins and home exercise programs. This MMD will give you the option to take 1 of 2 paths to reach your goals. Path 1 is just coming in for the kick-ass workouts. Path 2 adds the nutritional counseling and a more in depth look into your diet and an emphasis on creating healthy eating habits. In order to go down Path 2, an extra $40 will be added to the cost of the program at assessment time. Participants will be given a FREE FitSensor Membership for the duration of the class (if you already have a membership, you will get these 2 months free as well). All fitness levels are welcome from beginner to advanced!

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