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Learn About the NEW FitSensors by Polar

What is the FitSensor Monitor?

The FitSensor Monitor is an arm band with an optical heart rate sensor to allow you to have instant visual feedback during class for your heart rate, calories, intensity level and work rate, all in real time. At the conclusion of the session, you will receive an exercise summary of everything you accomplished, transferred directly to your account. THIS IS THE GOLD STANDARD FOR HEART RATE TRACKING!

  • FitSensor Membership

    Every month
    Allows you to have access to Arm Band Sensor in each class.
    • Unlimited access to the FitSensor in classes & training.
    • Discounted purchase of Polar Products (watches & sensors)

Membership will be billed monthly unless cancelled.

How Do I Get One?

There are two options for how to get a FitSensor Monitors. The arm bands are housed right here in the studio. When you sign up for a FitSensor Membership you will automatically have access to your own FitSensor arm band for the duration of the class period. When class is over, you turn the monitor back in.

A secondary option is to purchase your own FitSensor or Watch. Once you come to class you will just connect your device to the FitSensor Software and you're ready to go! To purchase watch or your own sensor, head to the shop for selections.


The Total Package

What better way to stay motivated than to have instant visual feedback during classes of your calories, heart rate, effort and intensity? This system allows you to see your exercise summary at the end of the classes and be rewarded for your efforts by showing you that you are improving. FitSensor is your own built in coach, telling you when you need to push or when you should scale back and recover, making it the heart of your workout. Training based on optimal heart rate zones is one of the many things that sets this gym apart from so many others. Identifying and staying in those optimal zones is one of the components of working out that people are really bad at interpreting themselves. Most people overestimate their level of intensity while exercising, possibly making their workouts less than they could have been. This takes the guess work out of the equation. This way you can monitor your progress in real time...EVERY calorie burned...EVERY heartbeat counted...EVERY second spent in every color zone...displayed right in front of your eyes. The monitors are designed to work seamlessly with the studio technology, allowing members to focus on the workout to give you the full combination of science, coaching, and technology.

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